Joe reconditioned my 6 year old Natuzzi Editions leather sofa and recliner after I neglected to clean them and the oils from my skin had removed the finish. Work was done in my home saving me from having to move the pieces. Now the furniture will last another 10 years. Completely satisfied with the professional work.

IMG_4166 armrest


IMG_4161 arm rest


Arm rest repaired


For the first time in over a year I didn’t cut my elbow on my arm rest of my driver’s seat because all the cracks and rips were all gone, thanks to Joe! Not to mention the rest of my seat was looking brand new too … Joe’s work is the greatest — thank you!


From Joe:

Whether your interior is leather or vinyl we have products to repair and renew the interior of your vehicle.  we can fix holes and tears and dye them so that they are beautiful again!

If your car is not as clean and bright as you wish it was call Joe with Color Glo York PA


I was so excited when I opened my car door and seen what appeared to be new car seats. I’m so pleased with the job you did for me. My friends and family can’t believe the difference.

Thanks again for the great job.


Best automotive interior repair leather car seat and steering wheel restoration magic

steering wheel before magic

Jeep steering wheel and seat renewed


After six years, my steering wheel and driver’s seat were looking pretty ragged. After Joe worked his magic, they look like new again. Thanks again for the help!


From Joe:

Joe with Color Glo York PA to the rescue.  We have products to renew the surface of Leather, Vinyl, fabric, carpet,  and plastic.  We clan and prepare the surface and renew the surface and make it look and feel brand new!  The cost is only a small fraction of the price of a new vehicle.  Everyone can look their, best at a fraction of the cost!

after repair steering wheel

magic after repair