OJ leather stain before

OJ recliner stain before

Orange Juice Leather stain


My cranberry leather recliner had a full glass of orange juice spilled on the seat. It stained immediately.

I looked online for help. I found Joe’s website. He came to the house that week and made my chair new again! You would have no idea there was ever a problem.

Thanks for your excellent service!





OJ chair stain after

OJ chair stain after





From Joe

The acid content of the orange juice can “cook” the leather just like hot water.  Ceviche is fish cooked this way.   It is very hard to get the conditioning back once this happens, this is the only time when it is important to get conditioner on it right away to help displace the liquid!






jacket repair

Leather jacket repair

The service that Joe performed for me was nothing short of amazing.

I made the mistake of hanging a fine lamb leather jacket in a closet with a window. Within the summertime, the little bit of sun coming in the window faded and discolored my beautiful jacket to uselessness. No one nearby would tackle the job.

When I met Joe, he said he could restore it. What did I have to lose anyway? So I gave him my jacket never expecting to see it again, and shortly, when he returned it to me, it not only looked new but he had repaired two small cuts in the sleeves.

I am so pleased to be able to recommend Joe and Color Glo York PA to anyone who asks about leather restoration or repair. Thank you so much, I love this coat!!


Faded Black Leather Jacket before

Faded Black Leather Jacket before





It’s not often someone exceeds my expectations! Joe was professional, efficient and his work is exceptional.

He traveled a distance to repair our brand new leather sectional that was damaged during delivery. It looks amazing!



Thank you, Joe!







From Joe about the sectional

We begin with a piece that is genuine leather.

Quality begins in the manufacturing of a good genuine leather sectional like this.

We were able to fill the void with hot cure and match the color just like the original.

Fine Leather Furniture is repairable!

Taking care of good leather furniture is not hard.  If it is treated well cleaned and conditioned once or twice a year it will last far longer than any other covering.



Joe was willing to come to my home to see my problem with my wicker sofa. He could not fix it but gave us advise that we took. We would have spent $1500 on a new sofa but instead we spent $30 on our own DIY project.

A good guy that went above and beyond. Great customer service – thanks Joe!

Comp_85620799 above and beyond

above and beyond

Facebook  above and beyond



From Joe:

In a service business I provide service to my customers, individuals, families and businesses.  Sometimes I cannot help them with my service, but I do know many other reputable service people in the area!  It is my intention, my mission to help everyone I can, the best way I can.  I love what I do and get great results when I do it.  My service may not always be the best solution for everyone so I will help them any way I can.  I have a passion for helping others!



I had Joe repair/recolor my motorcycle seat & saddle bags. He did an excellent job and they look like new!



I highly recommend him and his company!