Leather Jacket / Leather Coat Repair

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jacket repair

Leather jacket repair

The service that Joe performed for me was nothing short of amazing.

I made the mistake of hanging a fine lamb leather jacket in a closet with a window. Within the summertime, the little bit of sun coming in the window faded and discolored my beautiful jacket to uselessness. No one nearby would tackle the job.

When I met Joe, he said he could restore it. What did I have to lose anyway? So I gave him my jacket never expecting to see it again, and shortly, when he returned it to me, it not only looked new but he had repaired two small cuts in the sleeves.

I am so pleased to be able to recommend Joe and Color Glo York PA to anyone who asks about leather restoration or repair. Thank you so much, I love this coat!!


Faded Black Leather Jacket before

Faded Black Leather Jacket before



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