Worn Leather Chair and Ottoman Restored

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leather chair before

I had a 20+ year old leather chair and ottoman in my home office. It was worn, tattered, and had seen better days. My wife wanted me to donate it to charity–any charity. But I loved it. What to do? Joe from Color Glo to the rescue!

Joe worked his magic. The color match wasn’t easy but Joe nailed it. Today, that leather chair and ottoman look brand new and are the focal point of my office!

Thank you Joe from Color Glo!




leather chair after

leather chair after


From Joe

This was a beautiful leather chair and needed to be refinished.   It took some time and some TLC because it was very well used but it was made of genuine leather and was a great specimen for restoration!

First we had to clean it very well, removing body oils and any other type of debris.

Next we had to fix the holes in the arm and gently buildup the finish.

Finally the color was added to bring out the brilliant luster and shine of this quality seat.

It came out very well!

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