Ready for Summer? spring clean time

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Everybody has heard of spring cleaning.  Many people have plans to vacation and visit friends.  Wouldn’t we all love to do it in a brand new car?  Well, that is out of reach for many of us.  It is amazing though how much nicer it is to travel in a clean vehicle!!  I often wash my windows inside and out just to clear my view.  The car may need to be washed but even after washing it is not as nice as after I clean those windows.  That just makes the job complete.  spotty or dirty windows can really put a damper on a trip.

What about the appearance of the interior?   Worn trim panels or seats?  We know that worn seats lead to ripped seats.  Ripped seats lead to spring in my butt seats.  It is a shame when my friends bring me a seat that is so far gone the stuffing is hanging out and I cannot repair it.   DON’T LET IT GO THAT LONG!!  Call me when some wear begins to show and we can just dye it and make it look new again.  It is much cheaper to fix that than it is to re-upholster the it.  There is still time:)

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