Enhancing the Color, Presentation, and Shine of Your Airplane Interior

Is your cabin making a professional first impression on clients and business owners?
How are you cleaning the leather on your airplane?
What if you could increase the lifespan of your jet interior?
How would you like to keep your plane seating area looking like new?
Proactive interior maintenance saves you time, energy, and $$$!
  • Best Aircraft Seat Damage Repair
  • Best Aircraft Seat Damage Repair
  • Best Aircraft Seat Damage Repair
  • Best Aircraft Seat Damage Repair

The Color Glo York PA with Aero Interior Maintenance Value . . .

  • Specializing in cleaning, conditioning, protecting, dyeing, repairing, restoring leather
  • Partnering with you to provide value on your interior maintenance
  • Permanently conditioning leather to avoid replacing and/or buying new
  • Dye adds years of life to your leather, keeping it in tip-top flying condition
  • Repairing leather interiors save thousands of dollars in re-upholstery costs
  • Ensuring a higher resale value
  • Utilizing water-based, environmentally-friendly, and FAA burn-tested products
  • Saving you time and $$$ with quality onsite service for fleet-based operations
  • Providing 8130 paperwork to put the plane back in service
  • Increasing the look and lifespan of your cabin

Choose to Keep the Attractiveness & Lifespan of Your Treasured Possession!

Some of our clients are:

  • American Airlines
  • Delta Airlines
  • Cessna Aircraft Manufacturers
  • Corporate Jets
  • Fixed Base Operators
  • Airports

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