Leather Furniture 3 Tips for Keeping Yours Looking New!

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best way how to clean leather furniture

Leather is skin.  Just like we moisturize our skin, leather needs moisture to stay supple.  When our skin is dry, it cracks so we use hand cream.  The cream has oil which moisturizes skin and prevents cracking.  Lotions keep our skin supple, soft, and pliable.  Our leather furniture needs lotion, too!

  1. Aniline, semi-aniline, and new-buck are the finishes found on most fine furniture, which require moisture treatment at least 2-4 times a year, depending on the environment.  You can use Craftsman choice products, or have a Color Glo Craftsman keep your furniture in excellent condition.
  2. Full color finished leather is much more forgiving, and may not require moisturizing treatments.  Full color finish is a professional solution that can be applied to leather furniture to maintain color and maximize long lasting protection.
  3. Leather soaks up liquids.  Liquid saturation will usually darken leather; however, water stains may make your leather a lighter color.  Protect leathers from contact with spills and stain causing substances by keeping towels or cotton absorbent rags nearby to pat away spills quickly.  If you can’t clean up a spill immediately, and it soaks throughout the day or evening, use a light water-base cleaner such as saddle soap.  Don’t use harsh chemicals such as bleach or acetone, which will dry leather and remove the oils.

If you have a specific moisturizing or cleaning question, email a picture to joe@colorgloyorkpa.com and we will be happy to offer you our professional recommendations.  If stains or fading occur, your leather can be shaded to match the original color.

How do you moisturize, clean, and protect your leather furniture?



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