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Color Glo York PA is excited to announce the expansion of its service area throughout PA and into northern MD and southern NJ. Joe with Color Glo, who is committed to serve customers within a 100 mile radius of York, PA (and beyond, by special request) is determined to bring you quality residential and excellent commercial services by enhancing the color, presentation, and shine of your leather, vinyl, and plastic goods. How would you like to keep the attractiveness and lifespan of your treasured possessions, while making a professional first impression?

Leather chair faded and worn

Leather chair was faded and worn Dyed – looks new

With a focus on transforming the “before” to “after” with a WOW!  Check out the new and improved Color Glo York PA mobile-friendly website, http://www.colorgloyorkpa.com. We’re engaging with individuals, families, and businesses by specializing in cleaning, conditioning, protecting, dyeing, restoring, and repairing all your leather goods from residential and commercial furniture to automotive and recreational vehicles including motorcycles, boats, RV’s, and even airplanes as an FAA Certified Technician.

Since we’ve expanded our geographic reach, it’s easier to get your leathers refreshed!

How are you cleaning your leather furniture, including auto and boat seating?
What if you could increase the lifespan of your chairs, booths, and equipment within restaurants, gyms, and professional offices?
How would you like to permanently condition your fine furniture to avoid buying new?

Did you know that proactive leather maintenance saves you time, energy, and $$$?

Here are 3 tips to keep your leather in tip-top condition:

Stained Leather seat

1. Clean Leather

Leather is skin . . . Use gentle solvents
Have your leather cleaned professionally at regular intervals
When your skin is dry . . . You use hand cream to?
Moisturize your leather goods to keep them fresh and clean

2. Dye / Restore Leather

As finish wears, the color goes with it, and your leather fades
Restore the finish with dye to seal in the conditioner and protect your leather
Dyed leather is durable and keeps your goods soft and supple for decades

Stained Leather seat cleaned

3. Repair Leather

Don’t wait for holes to appear . . . Keep your seats looking new
Photo? Once the finish is worn off, leather will dry out and crack
Call Color Glo York PA and ask for Joe to repair and avoid costly replacement


Scuffed Leather desk

With our goal to make an impact within the region, we only use water-based and environmentally-friendly products while providing quality onsite service.

Send a Picture . . . Get an Estimate . . . Approve the Work . . . Keep it Looking New!


Scuffed Leather desk Repaired

Scuffed Leather desk Repaired











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