D-I-Y Leather Repair: Why Not Just Do-It-Yourself?

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D-I-Y kit

D-I-Y kit


I’m a big fan of D-I-Y projects. I like to work on cars and I enjoy building things. I’m generally inclined to try something myself before paying a bunch of money to have someone do it for me. Sometimes that works out great… and then there’s the other times.
Anyway, I got this posting from Troy, who googled “Leather Repair” and happened to see a link to Amazon.com customer reviews of a D-I-Y leather repair kit.
Now, I obviously have a conflict of interest when it comes to suggesting D-I-Y leather repair, since I am the professional leather repairman. The people who wrote these reviews, on the other hand, are quite unbiased.

professional repair

professional repair

Amazon.com reviews for Leather Repair
I found them to be a comforting tidbit of job security!

In order to fix this D-I-Y project I had to scrape off the hard bonding that the customer had put on and redo it, it actually cost more to fix than it would have without the kit.

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