How Can You Be Sure You’re Buying Genuine Leather?

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How Can You Be Sure You’re Buying Genuine Leather? Buying leather is not an easy task.  Leather can be genuine, bonded, or blended. Bonded leather is made from the bottom side of leather and applied with a soft final surface. Blended leather is sprinkled leather particles into a vinyl base.  Genuine leather is the only kind that will last … Read More

Looking for the “Craftsman to Call” for Premier Onsite Leather Cleaning & Repair Services?

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Color Glo York PA is excited to announce the expansion of its service area throughout PA and into northern MD and southern NJ. Joe with Color Glo, who is committed to serve customers within a 100 mile radius of York, PA (and beyond, by special request) is determined to bring you quality residential and excellent commercial services by enhancing the … Read More

Leather Furniture 3 Tips for Keeping Yours Looking New!

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best way how to clean leather furniture

Leather is skin.  Just like we moisturize our skin, leather needs moisture to stay supple.  When our skin is dry, it cracks so we use hand cream.  The cream has oil which moisturizes skin and prevents cracking.  Lotions keep our skin supple, soft, and pliable.  Our leather furniture needs lotion, too! Aniline, semi-aniline, and new-buck are the finishes found on … Read More

Cat scratch Leather can be restored by Color Glo York PA

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cat scratching furniture cat damage leather

Kittens are very hard on leather furniture.  They climb in and through it while they are not able to keep their claws retracted. cat scratch leather.  It is best to keep the leather furniture covered or outside of the cats play area until they are trained NOT TO SCRATCH furniture and old enough to keep those daggers sheathed.  If they don’t … Read More