Cat scratch Leather can be restored by Color Glo York PA

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cat scratching furniture cat damage leather
cat scratching furniture cat damage leather

cat scratch leather

Kittens are very hard on leather furniture.  They climb in and through it while they are not able to keep their claws retracted. cat scratch leather.  It is best to keep the leather furniture covered or outside of the cats play area until they are trained NOT TO SCRATCH furniture and old enough to keep those daggers sheathed.  If they don’t go out to scratch, make sure you have something they will be allowed to scratch!  Teach them when they are young because its hard to change their habits later.

At Color Glo York PA we specialize in cat scratch leather.  We have finish and filler to make the leather like new without losing any of its soft subtle appeal.

HOW to teach cat scratch leather saving

There are many ways to teach them to scratch appropriate items.  Catnip and availability of scratching areas are very important for them.  Cats need to scratch it is in their nature and they have to scratch to trim their claws.  There is another helpful thing, to trim their claws for them.

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