Specializing in cleaning, conditioning, protecting, dyeing, restoring, and repairing all your leather goods

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Residential and Commercial Services

Enhancing the Color, Presentation, and Shine of Your Leather



Seats, Door Panels & Vinyl Roofs



Aircraft Seats, Side Panels & Reveals



Residential & Commercial Furniture



Boats, Motorcycles, RVs, etc.



The Color Glo York PA Value

  • Enhancing the color, presentation, shine, and glow of leather furniture
  • Repairing leather and vinyl seating, clothing, and accessories
  • Permanently conditioning fine furniture to avoid buying new
  • Preserving the sentimental value of treasured possessions
  • Repairing Dr. Office, Dental, and Hospital seating and tables to maintain cleanliness and compliance standards
  • Increasing the lifespan of chairs, booths, and equipment within restaurants, gyms, and professional offices
  • Saving businesses $$$ and time with quality onsite service
  • Partnering with auto, detailing, marine, aviation, and furniture dealerships to restore leather and vinyl upholstery
  • Utilizing water-based and environmentally friendly products
  • Minimizing waste, while maximizing the longevity of furniture and accessories

How are you cleaning your leather furniture, including auto, airplane, and boat seating?

Make a Professional First Impression!

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How are you making a professional first impression on clients and business owners?

Increase the lifespan of your chairs, booths, and equipment within restaurants, gyms, and offices.

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What if you could permanently condition your fine furniture to avoid buying new?

Proactive leather maintenance saves you time, energy, and $$$

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Joe with Color Glo Blog

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